Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jen's challenge, at, for January was the home office. I thought, man I don't have one set up and I really need to. I got a desk online from Sauder and put it in our main family room. Got some fun colored files to try to manage that ongoing paper clutter. I wanted to have it out in the main hub of our home next to the kitchen and front door (as you know it is an unloading zone). I wanted to place it in a spot that I could keep an eye on the kiddos too. Done for now. The system still is working. I do need to organizing just a tad more but I feel more relieved. Isn't that the whole idea?

February was organizing the kitchen. Not much organizing there. I just got a couple containers at my local Dollar Tree for the pantry for cereal. Done. That's all I could do that month.

March was linens and the loo. I actually finished my kids bathroom! Anyone who knows me that I am a good starter but not always a good finisher. I am going to work on the before and after pictures better. I bet you can imagine the caped on toothpaste in the their drawer and disarray with the bath toys and soaps. Yikes! Next project will have before and after pics. Went to my local Dollar Tree, love that store, and got some bins. Some for their toothbrush drawers, bath toys, shampoos and for the cleaners under the sink. I lined the kids (my boy and girl) drawers and under the sink and presto and more organized bath! I am so excited! I used leftover shelf paper from my kitchen that I did when we moved in a year ago. The only real expense was the new bath mat and curtain. My kids love tubs still so we didn't even have a shower curtain. I had this idea when the kids were babies to get bath pics of them. I thought I would be fun to hang them on the wall in their bath one day. Well, yeah! One day is here. Love it!

Thanks Jen for helping inspire me to use my creativity and to think about organizing my home simply while finding the beauty in it. Can't wait to see what you have in store for April. 

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