Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This spring got me thinking about my favorite flower, the tulip. I love them. Always have. I also thought about organization. I have been on this gardening kick now that the weather has gotten so nice. I am in love. My mom and I did square foot gardens in my last house. Oh my, if you have never had or planted a home grown tomato, you are missing out. We did peas too in the last house and oh my again! Yum. They don't make it in our house. I did strawberries last year. Never as good as the second year of them. My are they tasty. Just coming on now. Love, love, love the gardening! It takes a lot of organization and planning. Planting my tulips last fall was great! Can't wait to plant some for next year of daffodils and crocus. So for May I have been working on my garden. I even want to plant blackberries and raspberries. Maybe next year I will do blueberries and some grapes. Who knows? Endless possibilities. I am so a rookie at this gardening but I am having a blast at learning to grow veggies, fruits and of course flowers. Want to come on this ride with me?

See this is my garden my mom and I built 2 years ago at our old house. It was a blast. I missed that garden so much so I got another times 2! Yeah!
Clematis that blooms in May until now...
 Don't know but love it.
 Geranium. I think it needs a friend in there don't you? I will have to find another one.
Don't know what the pink and white one is but love it! I remember it from last year. Just started blooming.

I planted my first Hosta about a month ago. Plenty of room to expand. Love it! Very shaded area. I had to put some impatiens too (my moms idea).

 I just planted a blackberry pant on the left and raspberries on the right. Should arrive next year.
My pea and strawberry garden on the south side. My peas fell over. :( I will have to trellis the fall crop). See how that goes. The kids are eating the peas and strawberries like candy. Love it.
My two 5x5 box gardens. So excited. Have to figure out the trellis for the tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe and cumbers. Yikes. That is What I have been organizing this last while.